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    “Tapovan” has been providing special education to the mentally Disabled children through the efforts of our well trained staff, who are wall qualified in special education.

    • Classroom Teaching
    • Physiotherapy
    • Speech Therapy
    • Dance
    • Games/ Sports
    • Vocational Training
    • Life Skills
    • Medical Checkup by doctors

    Therapies and Trainings provided to special children

    We are providing behavior modification of the mentally handicapped through the services of physiotherapy, speech therapy, music therapy, yoga therapy and special education techniques by a team of interdisciplinary teachers, whom we approached by paying visits, who are employed in other noted institutions. We have train our students in daily living skills, who are unable to do their daily chores, like eating, dressing, grooming, and also toileting etc. The main purpose of this training programme is to infuse confidence in them, to make them feel that, they are quite efficient and can attend to their daily needs with more confidence thans ever as the ordinary children of their age group and move in the society with some satisfaction facing challenges.
    Training is also provided to the children in vocational training like candle making, chalk-making, doll-making, paper-cup making, preparation of Vaseline and gardening etc.We have some plans to go in for sheltered workshops, where note books preparation and dairy-farming can be taken up to produce easily marketable items.If such mentally disabled children are given such attention by our experienced staff in such activities as mentioned above, the self confidence of the students will grow more and pave the way for the development of human resources aspect.