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  • Hostel

    Hostel Facility
    Our institution “Tapovan” is one of the institutions, which is running a hostel for the mentally disabled children all through the year in this part of the country. The advertisements in newspapers and T.V. channels have mentioned again and again that our institution has a hostel which is providing free boarding and lodging. The parents actually felt that their children could not be managed, controlled or counseled by them in their respective hours. Hence, they wish to keep their children in our hostel itself, for it is being maintained in an efficient and proper manner and services as a safe place for them to live and to learn more about in a congenial way.

    A notable feature of our institution is “ours is the only organization in these parts of the country where we admit children in the school and/or hostel who are fully dependent on others because of their under-developed capacities and have always to be attended even for basic needs”. We provide for such needy children a life-long shelter and rehabilitation with parental care and attention. We have children of such category. We feel happy and content with the lot.

    Support Us
    If generous sponsors are forthcoming, we wish to support Children with Special Need and extend the same facility to them. We have been making constant efforts in this direction also and we welcome such a gesture from humanitarian individuals, locally and from abroad.

    Other Programmes

    • Evaluation of Children With Special Need
    • Special Education
    • Vocational training
    • Self Help group
    • Training programme for the parents of Children With Special Need and professional
    • Individual treatment (which includes speech therapy, Physiotherapy, Yoga Therapy and behavior modifications)
    • Home Training

    Facilities in Hostel

    • Dining Hall & Kitchen
    • Dormitory
    • T.V Room
    • Hostel care takers